Community Impact Statements are official statements or positions adopted by a Neighborhood Council on issues pending before the City’s decision makers. The Community Impact Statement process was created specifically for Neighborhood Councils so they can publicly express their support, opposition, or suggestions about any matter pending before the City Council, its committees, or City commissions. Every issue pending before the City Council and its committees is assigned a unique Council File number. When a Community Impact Statement is filed it is attached to the Council File on the City Clerk’s website.

You can help! There are always many items pending with the folks down at City Hall and our board cannot possibly track them all. You can visit the LA City Clerk’s website at and review council files that interest you. You can then bring the issues to either a board or committee meeting. We have created a Quick Reference Guide to help you navigate the LA City Clerk’s website. If you have any questions please do not hesitate to reach out to board members for help.

Download the Quick Reference Guide Here

Community Impact Statements filed by your Coastal San Pedro Neighborhood Council: