David Adam Holop

Hi Coastal San Pedro stakeholders,
I am one of the partners in Brouwerij West, the craft brewery that is building our new home at Crafted’s Warehouse 9. While I’m a relative newcomer to San Pedro, I have quickly grown to love this town and have enjoyed getting to know everyone that I’ve met at Crafted, community events and council meetings. I would appreciate the opportunity to be on the Board so that I can get more involved in this great community that I’ve become a part of. I have experience dealing with government issues from a number of sides; in past lives I have been an investment banker, worked for a non-profit youth workforce development program based at Los Angeles City Hall, and more recently, graduated from UCLA Law and practiced as an attorney for several years. I’m currently working with San Pedro native Brian Mercer to develop our new brewery and eatery here, and would love to help the area move forward and thrive while our nascent brewery hopefully does the same. We at Brouwerij West are personally invested in this community and want to see it grow in a balanced, responsible, safe way for all of its residents and stakeholders. As a first-time board member, I’ll have an open ear to all stakeholders to be sure that your interests are heard and respected. I appreciate your support and hope to have the chance to serve you in the near future.