Denise Marovich-Sampson

Born and raised in San Pedro, I have lived in Coastal San Pedro Neighborhoods for over 40 years. I have been an educator for 28 years and I am currently the Dean of Students at San Pedro High School. My husband, Karl, is a longshoreman and we own a local restaurant, 710 Grille. Our daughters Julia, 16, and Jennifer, 10, attend our public schools. We have been a proud White Point Elementary family for 12 years. T his is our home. Hands down, I truly believe we live in the most beautiful area of Los Angeles. We have fine old neighborhoods with lifelong San Pedro families and new families who became long San Pedro families and new families who became enchanted and happily moved in. No one can beat that welcoming feeling. But, just like you, I want what’s best for our Coastal Neighborhood. My main areas of concern are crime prevention, our schools, and maintaining the infrastructure and beauty. We must work closely with all available entities–LAPD, LAUSD, L.A. City–in order to make things happen and happen quickly.  Most importantly, we must work well with ALL stakeholders and encourage you to participate with great ideas and a call to action. As a council member, I will listen to your concerns with a willingness to help and to move forward in achieving solutions. I am here for you.