Gary Bettis

As a 29 year residents of the Palisades my family and I have witnessed many changes in our neighborhood, good and bad but through it all there is no better place to live in
San Pedro.  As a member of your Neighborhood Council this past year, I have learned many things about the workings of City Government and been frustrated by an equal number. Through that learning process I feel with the direction leadership of CSPNC is taking this Council there are many positive things that can be accomplished along with laying the groundwork for a productive relationship with city government going forward.

Should I be re-elected to CSPNC my goal is to work with other council members and Stakeholders to identify quality of life issues that affect all of us and identify, within the city framework, pathways to solutions to those issues. It is important for CSPNC to establish open lines of communication with the Councilman Busciano’s office as well as representatives of the various city departments that can help find solutions to the quality of life issues we face. We all know the reality that the city is not going to be able to solve all problems, so it is important that we have leadership that is willing and able to think outside the box to find meaningful solutions through consensus. As a member of the CSPNC I will do my best to make sure we can make meaningful progress over in the coming year.