Matt Matich

I’m Matt Matich, born & bred in San Pedro, a lifelong resident of White Point & Point Fermin, & a native Pirate to the bone, in my 5th decade of service to the community. When not kayaking off Cabrillo, I’ve been a Harbor Area Educator and coach for the past 24 yrs; presently serving as director of LAUSD’s successful San Pedro/Wilmington dropout recovery/prevention & independent study program. Since 2001, I have also been co-host of ‘T he Watt from Pedro Show’ i-radio program with Mike Watt.  It’s been an honor to be a Coastal San Pedro Neighborhood Council Board Member. These are interesting times with many changes taking place in our neighborhood and community. I like being involved in the process to address concerns & maintain & improve our quality of life. If reelected, I will proudly continue to represent my Coastal San Pedro homeland.