Neighborhood Purpose Grants & Community Impact Projects

The second round of funding for Neighborhood Purpose Grants is open until February 9, 2018, 12:00 noon and has been increased to $5,000.  You must be a 501-C3 in current standing to qualify.  All applications must be sent to Robert Bryant at  To be considered for a Neighborhood Purpose Grant see below:

  • NPG (Neighborhood Purpose Grant): The deadline to submit an application is February 9, 2018, 12:00 noon.
  • Link to application:
  • Please also include:
    • W-9 Form
    • Business Tax Registration Certificate
    • Project Budget
    • Non-Profits 501 C(3) IRS Determination Letter
    • Public Schools – Official School Letterhead
  • Email your application to with a copy to
  • We also will be putting on an evening class on how to fill out the paperwork. This will be in mid January stay tuned.
  • If you received a grant in the first round of funding, it does not exclude you for the second round. It may be considered on the second winners. Please apply.

Who, What, Where, Why, Cost?  See below:

NPG – Neighborhood Purpose Grant 

A Neighborhood Council can allocate a portion of its annual budget to grant funds to qualifying local non-profits and public schools. A Neighborhood Purpose Grant must provide a benefit to the Coastal NC community.

For more information contact or call 310-918-8650.


Coastal San Pedro Neighborhood Council budgets money each year to be distributed to local non-profit organizations through Neighborhood Purpose Grants. In the 2016-17 fiscal year $5,000 was distributed via NPGs.  Here’s a link to recently funded grants:

About  CIP – Community Improvement Projects

A Neighborhood Council can allocate a portion of its annual budget to make improvements to its community, provided that the improvement is made within Coastal SPNC boundaries and on public property.

Examples include:  Beautification Projects like tree planting/trimming, graffiti abatement, sidewalk washing, mural restoration.

Capital Improvements to City Owned Facilities such as parks, recreation centers, police stations and fire departments.