Coastal Supports

The Coastal San Pedro Neighborhood Council receives an annual budget from Los Angeles City taxpayer funds.  Part of those funds are available for community outreach and neighborhood improvement.

Community organizations are invited to apply to CSPNC for sponsorship or support. Requests normally go through the Budget and Finance Committee to be evaluated. If a positive recommendation is made, the Budget and Finance Committee will make a resolution to pass on to the Agenda Meeting and then the request will be subject to amendment and voting by the CSPNC Board.

Please check the CSPNC Calendar for the meeting time and place of the Budget and Finance Committee. You may also contact the Committee Chair.

You may find it helpful to scan through past Minutes of Board Meetings for examples of organizations we have sponsored in the past, and the range of sponsorship amounts we have awarded.

To help us evaluate applications, we request that you forward the following information in electronic form to the Chair of the Budget and Finance Committee (this request form is available as a PDF and at the bottom of this page):

  1. Date of request
  2. Name of organization and year founded (Federal Tax ID# / 501(C) status if applicable)
  3. Contact information (name / address / email / phone / website)
  4. Description of service you provide for the residents of San Pedro
  5. The means by which your organization will acknowledge CSPNC sponsorship at your event/project
  6. Amount of money your organization is requesting
  7. Purpose for which the money will be used
  8. Your budget for this event/project and a brief statement of your organization’s annual budget (attach a copy of your budget if that is more convenient)
  9. Other organizations or Neighborhood Councils that you have asked for help in meeting your goal

The CSPNC Budget and Finance Committee meets every First Tuesday of the month at 6:30 pm if you would like to address the Committee with your request. Please check the calendar on our website for confirmation of time and location: http://cspnc.org.

Coastal San Pedro Neighborhood Council Sponsorship Request Form

Please download, print, fill-out and submit. Download here.