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    The formation of the Council District 15 Working Group for Homelessness allowed Coastal San Pedro Homelessness Committee, Chaired by Kathleen Martin and Amber Sheikh, to leverage the voices of all the Neighborhood Councils in support of Mayor Garcetti A Bridge Home Project. The group was instrumental in bringing the facts directly from the Councilman’s office and City on the issues and efforts being made to address homelessnesss to all of the Neighborhood Councils. In May of 2018, Coastal San Pedro NC initiated – along with several other NC’s in the Council District – the first district-wide Working Group on Homelessness to empower stakeholders to engage in this work directly and share information and resources to other stakeholders in a more timely and informed manner — seeking to advance the City’s homeless initiatives in a hyper-local setting. This group has been recognized by the Mayor’s office personally as the first group of this type in the city. Without hyper-local, grassroots leadership and education, implementing solutions to alleviate and solve our homeless crisis has been near-impossible. This group is a model of effective collaboration. By leveraging the structures that already exist, it is seeking to help solve one of our City’s most complex issues — starting in our community.


  • Co-Sponsor of August 15, 2014 Emergency Preparedness Event held at Leland Elementary School.

  • Transportation Committee: Since it’s inception of January 2014, the committee has tackled the issues of bike lanes and sharrows, Alma street resurfacing, Paseo Del Mar traffic calming measures as well as meeting with the Council Office and Department of Transportation regarding new stop lights at 25th Street and Moray as well as White Point Drive and 25th Street. At our monthly stakeholders meeting, Mr. Scott Greene from MTA attended to listen to community concerns regarding public transportation in the Coastal Community.

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