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(Note: If you are a stakeholder who would like to sign up to
be a member of a committee, click here.)




CSPNC committee chairs should use _this Word.doc form_ to request CSPNC funds. Once your committee has met and passed a motion to request funds, fill out the form and forward it to the Chair of the Budget and Finance Committee (as described on the form). NOTE: this form is for use only by CSPNC committee chairs for funding requests internal to CSPNC.  To download the PDF version of the form click here.


First and perhaps most important: all stakeholders are invited to make public comment at any Board or committee meeting. Let us know what concerns you and we'll see what can be done.

If you have a particular community concern that you think we should address, contact the chairperson of the most appropriate committee and see if the concern is appropriately covered by that committee. If so, bring your concern directly to the committee's chairperson (so it can be put on the agenda of the next committee meeting). Your concern will be taken up and discussed, and action on it will potentially be forwarded as a motion for the Board's consideration.

If no committee seems appropriate (or there are time concerns), you can bring a motion directly to the Agenda Meeting. That monthly meeting considers allpotential motions for inclusion in the monthly Board Meeting (whether they come from a committee or directly from a stakeholder). See the Agenda Meeting guidelines for more information.

If you are a local organization interested in requesting funds, see our information on sponsorship and contact the Budget & Finance committee. See the Budget & Finance committee's guidelines for more information.

Any stakeholder is welcome to join committees (you need not be a Board member). If you are interested in influencing how CSPNC addresses community issues, this is the most direct way. Contact committee chairs to learn more about committees, what they cover, and when they meet.

Interested stakeholders should consider running for Governing Board membership. Elections are every year, but vacancies also occur in mid-term when Board members resign. Those vacancies are posted in the regular monthly Board Meeting agendas and are filled by a vote of the sitting Board members.


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