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Candidates for CSPNC Vacant Board Seats


Dennis (Dan) Braxton

I am a retired Financial Services Executive with management experience in Aerospace Technology, Mortgage Loan Servicing, Credit and Collections and, VOIP and Cellular Servicing. I have an EMBA from Drucker Graduate University. I can bring to our community a nuanced and informed, minority approach to problem solving as we attempt to influence the decisionmakers who are responsible for our welfare. Our community is unique with a special bond between our neighbors. I want to make sure that this uniqueness is sustained and maintained!

Terrence Clapper Michael

I am very active in the community and want to contribute my 40+ years of business experience to the betterment of our neighborhoods and community. I have participated in the Angels Gate Advisory Board as well as local non profits benefiting our local area.

Kevin Alden Earl Murray

I grew up in San Pedro and love this town. I would like to join to do what I can to give back to a community that’s given so much to me. 

Raul Leon Rodriguez

San Pedro is a beautiful City and I believe I would make a great impact for the persons living in San Pedro by being on the board. I would support there interests by making sound decisions that benefit us all. The opportunity to serve the Persons living in San Pedro would be a great honor.

Richard W. Watson

I have been active in the Sustainability Committee and would like to be more involved in the range of concerns and activities that the CSPNC engages in.  Since coming to San Pedro just over a year ago, I have gotten a plot at the Gaffey Community Garden, joined the PVPLC and the CNPS, and gotten involved in Port of LA commentary.  I feel strongly about making SP and LA a greener, healthier and safer place to live.

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